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ATF Child Protection Policy 


The Anglo-Thai Foundation is conscious that many of the people it is seeking to help are vulnerable and takes active steps to ensure that their interests are protected. All UK-based trustees are required to undergo a Criminal Records Bureau check. Thai-based trustees and volunteers are vetted in accordance with the most stringent local standards.


The Foundation’s UK and Thai contact addresses are provided on its literature to enable any complaints to be made directly to the trustees. 


Should volunteers be working under the Foundation’s auspices, head teachers would be given these addresses and invited to communicate any concerns.


Many of the Foundation’s sponsors are justifiably keen to communicate with their sponsored students and this is encouraged providing all correspondence passes in both directions through the Foundation’s designated trustees in Thailand and the UK.  Private addresses of sponsors and of sponsored students are not communicated. 


Sponsors who wish to visit their students must be accompanied by at least one trustee or designated representative of the Foundation.