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Miss Ratsamee




Miss Ratsamee is 23 years old in her fourth year at university, from Sisaket province and has been sponsored by the ATF for the last 12 years. When she was at primary school her father had a road accident and was left paralysed. As she was the youngest and only girl in a family with four brothers, she had to leave school to help look after him. Her teachers selected her for ATF sponsorship when she was 10 years old.

She is now in her second year at university in studying architecture with an excellent grade average of 3.7. She will have to complete at least five years of study in total.

“The Anglo-Thai Foundation helped to relieve the burden for my parents by paying towards my education. I would otherwise have not been able to do it, particularly as architecture is an expensive course- I need to pay for all my equipment and materials. The ATF is part of my family, like another mother and father. You have given me a future and I thank you.”