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The Children We Help  


“Education is the most powerful weapon
which you can use to change the world”

N e l s o n    M a n d  e l a  


The Anglo-Thai Foundation makes annual grants to bright schoolchildren from the poorest families in arid Northeast Thailand (the region of Isaan) to ensure they are able to attend school and complete the education provided by the state.The children are chosen by their head teachers and our sponsors support them from primary level through secondary school and on, if they make the grade, to college and university.


When funds allow we also make project grants to schools to provide clean drinking water, hygienic toilets, school vegetable gardens and fish breeding ponds to supplement their diet. Special hardship grants are made to particularly distressed families to help them cope with illness, misfortune, and disability.

Change a life! Sponsorship costs from £10 a month.  Donations to our General Fund (for children who have yet to find sponsors) and towards Projects are greatly appreciated.  Together we’ll make it happen!